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Queen Elizabeth, Cunard-Trieste, Italy
-Art Deco Mural in bronze and glass.
-Queen's room entrance and vitrines.
Private Residence, Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
-Skylight in metal with bronze and thermo-fusion art glass.
Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Pony bar.
-Elena Restaurant.
-Cigar Bar.
Private Residence, Bellagio Rd, Bel Air, CA, USA
-Boisserie Living and Family room.
-Parqueterie wood floors.
-Lobby in French cast-stone.
-Library wood paneling with Marqueterie.
Princess Cruises, Royal Ship, Monfalcone, Italy
-Atrium Gran Fontana
-Marble Fontana with Glass Art